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Step into the life stories of those that have been affected by addiction and their journey. Roy also gives you a glimpse of what its like to be at HopeQuest to experience true community and recovery.

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The birth of this book was a podcast initially aired on the radio.

People are looking for an inner peace, it could be they want a way to escape the negative, unpleasant, pain of a relationship or financial pressure. Perhaps they want to run away from anxiety and fear related to a job situation or inner shame and guilt related to choices they’ve made.

Consequences are mounting up around them. Consequences like jail or dealing with bill collectors. Maybe they’ve lost their home or car. All of these circumstances very commonly end in substance abuse or an alcohol problem. People resort to these things to find peace.

In this book you will discover a greater understanding of:

  • People struggling with life dominating issues
  • Their intensive quest for life-transformation through therapy
  • How their recovery became a life-long process of learning
  • How they’ve learned to collaborate with the Holy Spirit and live a radically transformed life – with God’s help.